Historical photos of the 1920s China



The Bund, Shanghai, 1920s

The Bund, Shanghai



Suzhou Creek, Shanghai, 1920s

Astor House and the Russian Consulate, Shanghai



Telegraph Office Building, Shanghai, 1920s

The Telegraph Office Building, Shanghai



Shanghai, 1920s

Chinese Bankers Guild in North Honan Road, Shanghai



Chinese City, Shanghai, 1920s

Chinese City, Shanghai



Chinese Saw Mill, Shanghai, 1920s

 Chinese saw mill



French Bund, Shanghai, 1920s

Bund in the French Concession of Shanghai



French Concession, vintage pictures, Shanghai, 1920s

A bridge between Chinese City and French Conession



Garden Bridge, Shanghai, 1920s

Garden Bridge, Shanghai



Garden Bridge, Shanghai, 1920s

Garden Bridge and the Rowing Club



Hongkew Market, Shanghai, 1920s

Hongkew Market in Shanghai



Hongkew Market, Shanghai, 1920s

Hongkew Market 



Kiangse Road, Shanghai, 1920s

Kiangse Road in Shanghai


the Bund, Shanghai, 1920s

The lawn along the Bund, Shanghai



Nanking Road, Shanghai, 1920s

Nanking Road, Shanghai



Nanking Road, vintage photos, Shanghai, 1920s

Nanking Road



Race Club, Shanghai, 1920s

The Race Club in Shanghai



Shanghai General Hospital, 1920s

The General Hospital in Shanghai


Russian Church in Shanghai, 1920s

Russian Church in Shanghai (destroyed during the WWII)


Shanghai Public Garden, 1920s

Shanghai Public Garden



Shanghai Quinsan Garden, old photos, 1920s

A play ground in the Quinsan Gardens


Tea House, Shanghai, 1920s

A teahouse in Shanghai's Chinese City



Tea House, Shanghai, 1920s

Nanking Road, a teahouse



Suzhouw, China, vintage pictures

 Suzhou canals



Chinese village, old photo, 1920s

A Chinese village






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